About Trail Maps

Mapping System  The Peninsula Trails Coalition has provided a new system of maps for Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) users based on Google Earth maps with "Ride with GPS" overlays.  These maps provide the flexibility to zoom in to see trail details and move your viewpoint along the trail.  You can also change your view of the trail at any time, from map to satellite image to terrain 3D, at the click of the mouse.  The maps also provide elevation and slope along the trail with curser readout, pinpoint attractions, and “turn by turn” commentary on the route.  You can also download the GPS track for your planned trip in gpx format.

Map Structure  PTC's map commentary, mileages, and order of presentation are all from East to West.  We have broken the 126 mile trail into 4 sections (East, East Central, West Central, and West), and each section into detailed segments (numbered ODT 1 – 16) of approximately 6-10 miles each.  The section maps are previewed on this page in terrain view.  Map conventions and usage details are provided on the Guide to Maps page following this page.  The following 20 pages present each map with commentary in order.

Printable Maps  A pdf file is provided for downloading each map and also for downloading satellite images for each of the segment maps.  The downloads include a commentary column for each map and image.    

User Feedback  PTC needs and encourages feedback from our users as we work to improve our website and trail.  Please share your experiences and problems as you use our maps and trail by using the “contact us” button below or by going to the “Trail Users Forum” section of the website.  We will use your information for planning improvements and will do our best to answer your questions.  Thank you and enjoy the ODT.